"We learned a lot from you, and also had lots of fun."

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I have satisfied clients for more than ten years.

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“ We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. While the history continues to be quite complicated for me, I have a much better sense of the last 100 years or so. The depth of your knowledge was overwhelming and we could have listened to you every day all week (or longer) but it is better to give our brains a little break. “ Judi

"Anne, I mentioned before that we all thought Robert Sommer was a wonderful guide so I wanted to be sure you had his card and the email address I used for him - dr.robertsommer@googlemail.com. Our band of eight thought his walking tour in Berlin (in the rain) was one of the highlights of the trip. We all enthusiastically endorse him.” Peggy

“My husband and I loved Robert. He was learned, enthusiastic, warm, and friendly. We had a great time with him, and can only give him the highest recommendation. Going on tour with him was the highlight of our trip. Thanks so much for referring him to us. If you were available, I’m sure we would have had an equally fabulous time with you.” Frank

"Hi Robert, Ronnie and I want to thank you for a wonderful two days. We learned a lot from you, and also had lots of fun. You are both a fabulous tour guide and person." Rachelle

“Hi Robert, Great tour today. Really loved meeting you! Thank you!” Stuart

"We were very satisfied with our Jewish Tour of Berlin and our day with Robert. He is extremely knowledgeable about the History and integrated Jewish History into his tour. We saw as much as possible in 5 hours. He is very pleasant to spend the day with and I would highly recommend him to others." James

“Hi Robert, I know this email is long overdue, but be flattered that we are all still talking about you three weeks later! We all had the best time in Berlin. Even though we dealt with some difficult topics, you made our touring very "enjoyable." The depth of your knowledge was very impressive. And your ability to adapt to our last minute scheduling changes is unprecedented in the history of mankind. :)” Leslie

“Robert- Thank you for an AMAZING tour of Berlin today!!! Darek, Theo, and I greatly enjoyed our time with you. We got so much out of the experience and will be sure to recommend you to friends for future visits to Berlin.” Berit